shield lora gps


Enrich radio connectivity capabilities with LoRaWAN technology support and embedded GPS

General Information

Host board insigh.io main board
Add-on Capabilities LoRa Radio Modem based on RAK4270 (RAK WIRELESS) Module
GNSS based on L76L-M33 (QUECTEL) Module flashed with I²C firmware
Dimensions (L x W x H) 30.5 x 49 x 16.7 mm
Weight 7 g

External components required/recommended

  • Flexible ISM 868-915MHz Antenna


Pins Mapping

Note: Orientation as in the board picture

R3-1 R3-2
GND 3.3V
IO40 IO18
IO35 IO36

Pins Description

  • Power Pins (Output Only)
    • 3.3V: Constant 3.3V Output from LDO used to power the Radio/GPS
    • GND: Common Ground
  • Other Sensor/Control Pins (Input/Output)
    • IO38 & IO39 : I²C Control (SCL) & Data (SDA) Line (Already Pulled-up) for controlling GPS
    • IO15 & IO16 : Serial (UART) Pins for communicating with the LoRa Modem
    • IO35 & IO36 : Radio/GPS control & reset pins
    • IO40 & IO18 : Free pins (FFC)


CE planned
FCC planned
RoHS planned


Full firmware support expected in Q3-22

Custom designs

The existing boards are highly configurable and expandable so if the existing boards do not fit your need, get in contact with us and we will tailor a solution for you with your customizations.