A wrapper module for reading values provided by DHT11/DHT22 sensor.


dht.get_reading(data_pin, dht_model, vcc_pin=None)

Returns temperature & humidity reading, for given VCC and DATA pins. If vcc_pin is defined it will first power on sensors and it will power off sensors at the end.

from sensors import dht

(dht_temp_11, dht_hum_11) = dht.get_reading(data_pin, 'DHT11')

(dht_temp_22, dht_hum_22) = dht.get_reading(data_pin, 'DHT22')
  • params
    • data_pin: the input pin name where the sensor data is connected to.
    • dht_model: string value to select between DHT11 and DHT22
      • DHT11
      • DHT22
    • vcc_pin: (optional) the pin that controls the power to the sensors.
  • returns tuple (temp, hum)
    • temperature: float number with temperature in Celsius
    • humidity: float number with relative humidity
Based on [https://github.com/JurassicPork/DHT_PyCom/tree/pulses_get]
Extensions: Renamed module filename to dht (from dth.py) and added wrapper function