Follows a list of the modules in external folder that are used as git submodules.

import external.<module_name>

insigh.io developed libraries from scratch

  • microATsocket: A UDP socket implementation for Pycom devices based on Sequans AT commands to support IPv6 especially when transmitting over NBIoT.
  • microCoAPy: A mini implementation of CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) into MicroPython
  • microSDI12: A mini SDI-12 implementation for getting sensor info over UART using directional RS-485.

forked projects adjusted to our needs

  • senml-micropython-library forked from the KPN SenML implementation
  • MicroWebSrv2: “Enhanced” implementation of a Web Server to serve our on-device Web UI for configuration of node. Main addition to the library is the introdution of a new keyword: “pyend” to execute code after successful page serving.

direct use of 3rd party projects

  • umqtt: umqtt is a simple MQTT client for MicroPython.