By completing the Configure Device procedure, the device is ready to run the selected scenario and upload the data from the selected measurements.

Pro Tip: the Configure Device procedure is responsible of generating a configuration file that describes the selected board setup, the network configuration and the enabled measurements. This file can be retrieved by downloading file /apps/demo-console/ for the cellular device and /flash/apps/demo-console/ for Pycom devices ( generic host board, SDI-12 host board). See Sample config files for examples per network technology.

Demo Scenario

Our source code contains a demo scenario that can be used as a reference for using the board and our libraries. That scenario is coded in the file /flash/apps/demo-console/ Each of the main steps included in the scenario can be monitored visually as they are identified by a different color lighting of Pycom’s LED.

LED color Scenario Step
blinking blue Initializing device
blinking purple Web UI waiting for client (only after hard reboot)
solid purple Web UI with connected client (only after hard reboot)
solid blue Executing enabled measurements
solid red Connecting to network
solid green Network connected, uploading data
off in deep sleep