This section contains a pre-packed list of sensors that are provisioned to work with board. Can be extended in the future.

Each of the included sensor libraries is extended to include a get_reading function to provide a unified interface.

import sensors

# power on sensors

# read i2c sensor
from sensors import tsl2561
light = tsl2561.get_reading(i2c_sda_pin, i2c_scl_pin)

# read analog sensor
from sensors import analog_generic
volt_analog = analog_generic.get_reading(data_pin)

# read digital sensor
from sensors import dht
(dht_temp, dht_hum) = dht.get_reading(data_pin, 'DHT22')

# power off sensors

The following functions are utilities that are used by all the supported sensors.



When using board, sensors are not always connected to power to avoid drain. Before a measurement cycle, execute this function with the vcc_pin that enables the power to all sensors and wait 500ms before querying any sensor.


When using board, after each call to sensors.set_sensor_power_on, at the end of the measurement cycle it is advised to call sensors.set_sensor_power_off to power off sensor current.