Satellite (Astrocast)

shield satellite astrocast gps shield satellite astrocast gps flipped


Enrich radio connectivity capabilities with Astrocast’s Satellite technology support and embedded GPS

General Information

Host board main board
Add-on Capabilities Astronode S Module for Satellite IoT Connectiviy through Astrocast’s Network
GNSS based on L76L-M33 (QUECTEL) Module flashed with I²C firmware
Dimensions (L x W x H) 78.31 x 63.15 x 7 mm
Weight 7 g

External components required/recommended


Pins Mapping

Note: Orientation is reversed based in the board picture

R3-1 R3-2
GND 3.3V
IO40 IO18
IO35 IO36
IO39 (SDA) IO15
IO38 (SCL) IO16

Pins Description

  • Power Pins (Output Only)
    • 3.3V: Constant 3.3V Output from LDO used to power the Radio/GPS
    • GND: Common Ground
  • Other Sensor/Control Pins (Input/Output)
    • IO38 & IO39 : I²C Control (SCL) & Data (SDA) Line (Already Pulled-up) for controlling GPS
    • IO15 & IO16 : Serial (UART) Pins for communicating with the Astrocast Modem
    • IO35 & IO36 : GPS control & reset pins
    • IO40 & IO18 : Astrocast Modem Event & Reset Pins


CE planned
FCC planned
RoHS planned

Firmware Support (Micropython)


The ASTROCAST Satellite IoT shield can be directly used with any other ESP32 module or dev board and our Micropython firmware.

Custom designs

The existing boards are highly configurable and expandable so if the existing boards do not fit your need, get in contact with us and we will tailor a solution for you with your customizations.