insigh.io board is a generic and affordable hardware device, designed for accelerating IoT adoption:

  • Its integrated functionality allows for rapid deployment, enhanced telemetry and cost-effective maintenance.
  • It is equally capable of being used as a development board or for implementing small PoCs and then scale to deployments counting hundreds of nodes.
  • It is super flexible as it can be used both by experts and the general public:
    • When used as a development board by experts, an extendable open-source Micropython firmware is available for quick prototyping.
    • When used as an end board by non-experts, it can be deployed with minimum prior know-how and configured with the help of an intuitive application.
  • It is perfectly suited for outdoor or indoor operation, as it can be easily enclosed to an IP-rated box and supplied by various energy sources.

It follows a modular architecture:

  • A main board embedding the core functionalities out of the box:
    • Low-power processing
    • Power supply with automatic management
    • WiFi & Cellular connectivity with data provisioning
    • GPS support for outdoor localization
    • On-board diagnostic sensors and functionalities
    • Ports for connecting LiPo battery, solar panel, and USB power/data cable.
    • Debugging port through standard Serial or USB cable
  • A set of “add-on” boards attached to the main board for:
    • Supporting multiple popular analogue and digital sensor interfaces: analogue voltage/current readings, digital (e.g. pulse) readings, I²C, SDI-12, 4-20mA
    • Hosting various sensors with built-in firmware support: soil moisture sensors, temperature/humidity probes, load cells, CO2 sensors, accelerometers/magnetometers.
    • Implementing different IoT applications: smart agriculture, environmental monitoring, precision apiculture, rewarding recycling, air-quality inspection, road hazard detection
    • Expanding connectivity options: LoRaWAN and Satellite IoT
    • Adding specialized features: hardware watchdog, hardware security, energy consumption profiling
    • Adding your own functionalities and applications: everything


Main Board

This is the “heart” of the hardware offering. Based on the main board, we or you can build a complete hardware solution that perfectly fits any case. It exposes 30 input/output pins -power/analogue/digital for supplying and controlling external devices- allowing for implementing different breadboard configurations or attaching our ready-made add-on boards. For more details about the technical specifications of the main board refer to page Main Board with exposed pins.

TAT image

Shield Boards

This is a collection of standard “ready-made” IoT application boards which can be used out-of-the-box and communicate with popular sensors and widely applicable interfaces. Sensors can be connected using push-in headers (no tools required). The current list includes sensor and radio boards:

Sensor Boards

Radio Boards

Custom Designs

There is a series of older hardware designs used by our Clients that may worth check as well (not recommended for new users):

The existing boards are highly configurable and expandable so if the existing boards do not fit your need, get in contact with us and we will tailor a solution for you with your customizations.