insigh.io board Web UI configuration scenario for setting up LoRA connection.

  1. Open the Web UI URL:
  2. login with username: admin and password: insighiodev
  3. Select LoRa
  4. Network details (default values are predefined)
    1. Region: Select the Region of operation which directly affects the Operation Frequency (accepted values: AS923, AU915, EU868, US915, CN470, IN865) view indicative frequency values
    2. DR: Initial data rate (Possible values are 0 to 5 for EU868, or 0 to 4 for US915.)
    3. TX Retries: Sets the number of TX retries
    4. ADR: enables Adaptive Data Rate.
    5. Confirmed: enabled confirmed type of messages
  5. Set the API Keys
    • Use the corresponding UUIDs generated by the LoRa server during device creation

Next step will be to Enable / disable measurements that will be run during the demo scenario.

lora setup